Piccola R744 (CO2) Fully Automatic Machine

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PICCOLA-R744 is the unit designed and manufactured by Wigam
for the new generation of R744 (CO2) air-conditioning systems that are
increasingly present in new electrically driven vehicles.
PICCOLA-R744 works completely automatically and guarantees total
safety throughout the process. The innovative electronics with the 7”
touchscreen display makes PICCOLA-R744 the ideal unit for a simple
system maintenance.
Attention in the project allows for the maximum accuracy of the amount
of refrigerant being charged.
The 3 independent scales with 1 g resolution, managing oils and additives,
allow to operate in a safe and reliable way. Through the K-HERMETIC kit, the
unit can be immediately set up to work with hermetically sealed dosimeters.
WIGAM’s solution of a channelled discharge offers a higher safety in the
working environment. By means of the suitable hose, the discharge can be
channelled directly outside or indirectly via the workshop vacuum cleaner.
PICCOLA-R744 combines “Technology and Simplicity” in perfect harmony.
Thanks to the new touchscreen display, the ease of use is quite comparable
to that of the OPTIMA units that work with R134a and R1234yf. The optional
Wi-FI kit also allows the interconnection to the Wigam Service portal with
resulting innumerable potentials.

• HYBRID-READ: Auto-Clean function for hybrid and electric vehicles.
• 7” touchscreen display.
• Fully automatic unit:
– Automatic LOW and HIGH valves.
– Automatic discharge with quantification.
– Automatic Vacuum/Vacuum test.
– Automatic oil discharge (with scale).
– Automatic charge of PAG, POE and UV oils.
– Automatic refrigerant charge.
– Automatic personalized cycle (discharge-vacuum-charge).
– Flushing cycle.
• 3 mtr long hoses with quick couplers.
• 5 mtr hose for channelled discharge.
• Automatic alarm for maintenance: the unit notifies when you have to
replace the oil in the vacuum pump.
• Continuous monitoring of the internal cylinder pressure.
• Auto-test every 20 days of the internal circuit tightness.
• Pressure test with refrigerant before the charging phase.
• Pressure test with nitrogen or AZOIDRO (N2-H2).
• Integrated room temperature probe.
• Automatic anti-shock system of the refrigerant scale.
• 3 independent scales for oils and additives.
• Automatic compensation of the service hoses length.
• Serial thermic printer.
• Report on paper with garage data/operator/vehicle.
• Database that can be updated through USB key.
• Set up for interconnection through Wi-Fi kit (optional).
• Wigam Service Portal, accessible via PC and smartphone, for handling
and exchange of information and report (Wi-Fi kit necessary).
• Ready to work with hermetic dosimeters (optional).

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