Snow Leopard Extreme RL46 CO2 250ML

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CO2 (R744) is a leading natural refrigerant under adoption as a
future primary non-ozone depleting technology. A high level of
development in the area of CO2 based systems for commercial
and industrial applications is in progress, most notably in the
areas commercial refrigeration and heat pumps.
Snow Leopard EP PAGs are Extreme Performance double
end-capped lubricants, which have been developed to retain
their superior lubricity at the very high pressures and temperature
found in CO2 systems. EP PAGs are used in commercial
refrigeration CO2 systems, and are also required for some
vehicle air conditioners.
EP PAGs do not suffer the decrease in viscosity that POEs
experience under dilution, and so maintain excellent wear
properties. EP PAGs are significantly less hygroscopic than
uncapped PAGs, having high chemical, thermal and hydrolytic
stability with excellent lubricity. These CO2 PAGs are OEM
approved by leading manufacturers.

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