CTR Artika 10 Point Service Plan

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To ensure optimum performance of your air conditioning service station, it is recommended that the machine is serviced regularly. This will give you peace of mind and reduce high repair costs during the summer months.  The electronic scales for the refrigerant, oil and dye require calibrating to maintain correct quantities are recovered and charged within the vehicle air conditioning system.  Cooling Edge engineers are able to visit your premises  and carry out the following service plan on the Wigam, CTR service equipment – including our range of portable units. 


Features & Specifications

  1. Remove all Refrigerant
  2. Replace Machine Filter
  3. Replace Vacuum Pump Oil
  4. Recalibrate Electronic Scales
  5. Recalibrate Pressure Gauges
  6. Reset  Process Parameters
  7. Refill and Recycle Refrigerant 
  8. Check Charge Lines / Couplings
  9. Test System Safety Cut Out
  10. Issue Calibration Certificate


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